Our work deals with a wide range of architectural disciplines, from urban planning to interior design. For this reason, we are a cooperative company with a wide network of collaborators.

We believe that the good result of our work arises from the combination of knowledge from different fields: architectural design, construction processes, integration in the landscape and urban planning.

Joan Alomar

Architect and urban planner by ETSAB (Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona) 2008, where he was awarded for his Final Degree Project New cruise terminal in Palma de Mallorca (Grade: 10). Co-founder of Undoo_Arquitectes and Estudio Lunar Creative Platform, winner of Europan 12 Gjilan (Kosovo) and Europan 12 Regionale 2016 (Germany).

After extensive international work experience in Mallorca, Barcelona and The Netherlands, in 2017 establishes its own practice; operating from Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Mallorca and Formentera (Spain).


Lucia Ribes / Juan Marcos Rodríguez Díaz / Antoni Pau Bonet Bauzà / Xisco Pascual Galmés / Filip Galic


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