Apartaments Gabriel Roca

The apartments are situated in a privileged location on the frontline of the Alcúdia Bay coast. This immersive proposal celebrates the unique experience of admiring the unparalleled views of the Mediterranean Sea and harnesses gentle sea breezes as a natural source of energy, creating a charming environment during warm summer days. A delightful residential atmosphere unfolds, effortlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces with panoramic views that leave a lasting impression.

From an environmental perspective, this initiative embraces proven passive bioclimatic systems in this climate. This project draws inspiration from the duality between the natural and the built, the ethereal and the solid. Earth and air dance in a harmonious symphony. This design integrates craftsmanship with technology, shaping a space that captures the essence of the location.



Escaire arquitectura: Miquel Reynés + Marga Batle + Joan Alomar






Can Picafort, Mallorca

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