Plaça Mallorca

For many citizens of Inca, the Plaça Mallorca was also known as “pine trees plaza” or “skates’ plaza”. The old Plaça Mallorca, demolished in 2004, didn’t have remarkable architecture values but it had an atmosphere highly appreciated by the neighbors. If we compared with the project build after 2004, it has suffered a desertification effect. The old plaza had many big pine trees on its perimeter, accompanied by a vegetal canopy that surrounded the center of the plaza where it was possible either to skate or enjoy festivities.
Besides the logical requirements of this renovation project, with our proposal, we aim to recover the atmosphere of “pine trees plaza” and “skates’ plaza”: a green space with abundant vegetation with comfortable seating areas under the shadow of big pine trees and save large area where is possible to skate or enjoy a night of verbena.



Joan Alomar


Inca city hall



Project location

Inca [Mallorca], Spain

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