24 Social Housing in Ibiza

There is no construction on the lots adjacent to the building, rather than on the opposite front of the avenue where the main hotels and souvenir shops are located that do not serve as a reference with which to integrate. With the consequent lack of references and to carry out the important task of integration in the context, two principles are used:

– Recall the local architecture: the elements of traditional Ibizan architecture are abstracted and used as design resource, both in form and materiality. White architecture, rationality of form and material, compact and tectonic volume.

– Adaptation to the environment: like the vernacular architecture, the shape of the building is the product of the reaction with the environment that surrounds it to integrate the necessary resources, take advantage of natural energy and protect against adverse elements.

The project of Social Housing focuses in the development of affordable living spaces defined by flexibility, the balance between private space and common uses, a variety of housing types, relation with the environment and strong identity.

All these principles are integrated into a single architecture in which form and construction respond to the needs of function, program and sustainability; generating an autonomous building based on traditional systems of passive sustainability in which the need to include complex engineering is reduced to its minimum expression.

Traditional and local techniques and materials are used to humanize the architecture and create a domestic environment.





Joan Alomar, Lucía Ribes




Ibiza, Spain